Dominick Hera

Software Engineer

Dominick Hera

iOS Engineer

Professional Experience
Amount of Experience Skills
4 Years Swift Git Bash Source Control Software Development Agile Methodology
3 Years
2 Years
1 Year

About Me

Hi! I'm Dominick Hera, Software Engineer and Eagle Scout. I attended the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada where I majored in Software Engineering with a minor in Political Science. I have a passion for traveling the world, creating mobile applications, camping, and much much more! I'm currently at looking for my next opportunity!

Additional Info
Current Location Portland, Oregon, USA
Citizenships Canadian & American
Professional Experience 5 Years

“Dom was a great asset to Finnest. He came to us as an iOS focused engineer, but took over responsibilities for the full code base when he became our lone engineer. In this role, he really came into his own. He's also a great team player and always gets things done quickly while providing further insights and thoughts, which is very helpful. Looking forward to hopefully working with him again in the future.”

Rick Sawyer - Sr. Director of Product, Growth @ Evernote

“Dominick is a thoughtful and detail oriented software engineer who has done great things at Finnest. He truly has a "get stuff done" attitude and never failed in delivering the right results on time. Besides his work performance he is pleasant and fun to be around and a great team mate. Thank you Dom for all your great work at Finnest and good luck for the future.”

Clemens Grave - Product Lead @ TourRadar