Dominick Hera

Software Engineer

iOS Swift JSON 2019

Jet Fuel Work Sample

Work sample from application process with the company, Jet Fuel. Project consists of an iOS application that interacts with the companys example backend to query a list of data and to display that data within the application per the requested UI.

iOS Swift 2019

Co--Star Work Sample

Work sample from application process with the company, Co--Star. Project consists of an iOS application that requests the users name and birthdate and calculates their astrological sign based on the provided information and displays that data within the application per the requested UI.

Web Javascript NodeJS In-Progress 2018

GG Nori

A website that allows users to look up their League of Legends account statistics, find the best item builds for their champions and analyse much more statistics revolving around the game!

Progress on GG Nori

iOS Javascript NodeJS 2018

Finnest Work Sample

Work sample from application process with the company, Finnest. Project consists of an iOS application front end that interacts with a node.js backend server hosted on heroku to retrieve a list of dummy transactions, implementing an infinite list of sorts in which when the user scrolls to the bottom of the list of transactions, another 10 transactions are retrieved from the server.

Web Javascript NodeJS 2018

Crypto Boy

A website that displays basic information on the top 100 valued cryptocurrencies and the price change within different time periods.

Web Javascript React 2018

Vancouver Transit Live

A website that displays a live feed of active public transit busses in the city of Vancouver, by referencing the data provided by the public transit department. Project was written in Javascript that utilizes the React framework.

In-Progress Javascript React Native iOS Android 2018

Hydra Study

More heads are better than one.

An application tailored towards post-secondary students that enables them to easily find study groups or tutors that will accelerate their studies.

Proof of Concept Go Javascript ReactJS Auth 2018

Basic Token Authentication

A basic proof of concept token authentication application that currently runs locally on your device. Authentication and backend components were written in Golang while the frontend was written in Javascript using the ReactJS framework.

Python JSON 2018


A small python script that grabs earthquake information provided by the US Government and analyzes the information to display different statistics in regards to it

iOS Android Swift Java 2018 2017


A journal for all the good times.

Bettrfly helps you keep track of all the good things that happen to you throughout the day, no matter how large or small; like if you saw a pup or received a compliment from a stranger.

So when you’re having a bad day, you can go back to Bettrfly and have a collection of memories that prove life is great. No matter what you’re going through, you can bring yourself to positivity again!

iOS Swift 2016


Split the check.

A simple tip calculator for iOS that allows users to easily calculate the tip for a meal as well as how to split the cost of a meal amongst any number of friends!

iOS Swift 2015

iLife Count

Keep the dice in your bag.

No more dice, no more writing down each others scores, keeping track of HP in your head, trying to calculate how much health you lost. You should be having fun not worrying about anything else.

iLive Count has what you need without overthinking the process. Simply keep tracy of your health without the increment buttons and keep your game going. With the increment buttons, you’re able to remove or add health with precision so there isn’t a chance your hand will slip and mess up the scores.

Ready to start over? Good, hit reset, set the score back to 20 and play again.

iOS Swift 2014

iOU - Loan Tracking

Loan tracking with ease.

iOU is an easy way to keep track of all your loans!

Simplyinput some simple information about the loan and iOU does the rest. iOU will keep track of your loans in a simple form that’s easy for the user to understand! Make sure you get back all your money with iOU!