Dominick Hera

Software Engineer

C Python ADA Fortran 2018

Sieves Of Eratosthene Execution Time Study

An experiment comparing the execution speeds of the same Sieves of Eratosthenes Prime Number function in 4 different languages.

C 2018

Terminal Simulator

A simulation of a Bash Terminal utilising functions to execute complete command line commands,implementing a background execution with fork and child function executions. While also implementing several custom commands like adding any amount of decimal and hexidecimal numbers, counting the list of arguments in a command as well as generating a random number between two given numbers.

Fortran 2018

Tic Tac Toe

A tic tac toe game written in Fortran that features a computer AI for the user to play against which is written to be the most difficult opponent and give the user a challenge.

C Python mySQL 2017

Calendar Event Manager

A calendar event manager program in which your .ICS files are parsed and inputted into the program in which you can then edit the files before exporting them out of it or submitting it to the database to store. (Database not functional outside school)

Java 2016

Game Store Inventory Manager

A Java-based inventory management system written for an Object Oriented Programming course revolving around using Swing to create a GUI to handle the inventory provided by a store, using a games store for this specific project.

C 2016

Rogue Command Line Game

An attempt to recreate the iconic "Rogue" command line based program in which the user traverses several dungeon rooms attempting to fight monsters and picking up loot along the way.

Perl 2016

Birth Record Statistics

School group project that calculates various statistics based on the death and birth data files provided by the US Government