Dominick Hera

Software Engineer

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Work Experience
  • iOS Engineer, Alaska Airlines, Remote December 2021 - April 2023 Contract
    • Implemented redesign of UI Interface for Alaska Airlines Pilot iPad Application from XIB/Storyboard to use SwiftUI framework
    • Developed UITests to ensure that basic functionality was maintained while developing new functionality and UI for the app
    • Developed and implemented best coding practices in code base for better efficiency and clarity when moving forward with development team
    • Worked with cross functioning agile team within 2 week sprints to efficiently and successfully develop the product
  • iOS Engineer, Tailorie Inc., Remote April 2021 - November 2021 Contract
    • Developed redesign of UI Interface across entire application to provide an optimal user experience
    • Optimized and cleaned up codebase for better efficiency and clarity
    • Built custom user interface containers to uniquely display large amounts of user content while maintaining usability
    • Developed UITests to ensure that basic functionality was maintained while developing new features for the app
    • Developed and implemented best coding standards in code base
  • iOS Engineer, Panera Bread Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, United States July 2020 - April 2021
    • Focus on UI design principles and make apps work intuitively, without compromising on simplicity
    • Implemented Apple Pay purchase option to coffee subscription flow in iOS application
    • Implemented dark product page redesign in iOS application
    • Performed code reviews and work with other engineers on reviewing code
    • Agile development methodologies and working models
    • Built custom native user interfaces using the latest iOS standards and techniques
  • Software Engineer, AndPlus Inc., Southborough, Massachusetts, United States July 2019 - July 2020
    • Implemented and developed new gamification features for client’s existing driver telematics application in native iOS with Swift/Obj-C
    • Implemented and developed new gamification features for client’s existing driver telematics application in native Android with Java
    • Developed backend server component for new gamification features in Django Python and had deployed the server on AWS with Elastic Beanstalk as a Docker Container connected to a Aurora MySQL Database
    • Knowledgeable with storyboarding, using auto-layout, and building universal interfaces
  • Full Stack Engineer, Finnest Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, United States October 2018 - June 2019
    • Enhanced and develop the company’s native iOS application written natively in Swift
    • Redesigned and Improved user interface through code reviews, and collaborating with test user group
    • Developed internal support tools to streamline customer support tasks
    • Implemented caching system into iOS application to significantly improve the application run time and user experience
    • Implemented cron jobs to synchronize and maintain the companies backend infrastructure and automating the update process of the PostgreSQL database with real-time data.
  • iOS Application Developer, Vaundry Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada July 2018 - October 2018 Contract
    • Joined Vaundry on a three month contract as an iOS Developer to work on their iOS application
    • Entirely rebuilt the company’s barebones iOS application into a significantly more fleshed out and feature rich application written natively in Swift
  • Software Developer, Graffiti Inc., Remote - Ann Arbor, MI, USA April 2018 - July 2018 Contract
    • Joined Graffiti as a contract Software Developer working on the frontend of the companies chrome extension with Javascript and Angular.js framework
  • Life Guard, Aquatic Management Inc., Jonesboro, GA, USA Summer of 2017
  • Life Guard, United Pools Inc., Peachtree City, GA, USA Summer of 2016
    • Responsible for monitoring several pools to ensure safety of clients
    • Checking chemicals to ensure proper levels in the pools
    • Managing client transactions to enter pools
  • Swin Instructor, School of Swimming Inc., Rocky Hill, CT, USA Summers of 2013-2015
    • Taught swim techniques to kids, ages 5-10
    • Communicated improvements and requirements of children with parents
    • Responsible for monitoring pool to ensure safety of children
Technical Experience
Amount of Experience Skills
4 Years Swift Git Bash Source Control Software Development Agile Methodology
3 Years
2 Years
1 Year
  • B.Comp, Software Engineering, Minor in Political Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, CA 09/15 - 05/18Incomplete
  • University of Hartford, Hartford, CT, USA 09/12 - 06/15
  • University High School of Science and Engineering, Hartford, CT, USA 09/11 - 06/15
Refer to "Apps" tab on website for further elaboration
  • Bettrfly - iOS journal application that lets the user keep a journal of all the good times in life.
  • Fortran Tic Tac Toe - A tic tac toe game written in Fortran that features a computer AI for the user to play against which is written to be the most difficult opponent and give the user a challenge.
  • Calender Event Manager - A calendar event manager program in which your .ICS files are parsed and inputted into the program in which you can then edit the files before exporting them out of it or submitting it to the database to store. (Database not functional outside school)
  • Game Store Inventory Manager - A Java-based inventory management system written for an Object Oriented Programming course revolving around using Swing to create a GUI to handle the inventory provided by a store, using a games store for this specific project.
  • iOU - Loan Tracking - iOS application that keeps track of loans.
  • Tip'd - iOS application that calculates the tip percentage, and splits the bill of a meal.
  • Birth Records Statistics - School project that calculates various statistics based on the death and birth data files provided by the US Government.
  • iLife Count - iOS application that manages health in the card game, Magic: the Gathering.